Dugan Lake

Dugan Lake from boat launching ramp, moody on a cloudy day

This pretty, small lake has an idyllic setting at the south end of the Cowichan Valley.  Popular for fishing or non-powered boating, it has many moods – sometimes drowsing under the warm

Dugan Lake margin:  Bulrushes, pasture grasses, some water weeds, and only a small amount of floating algae.

summer sun, and sometimes cool, mysterious and misty.  I have found several interesting organisms in the waters from its margins.


A short video of two interesting green ciliates. These contain many algae, probably not the latest meal, but rather in symbiosis. The most interesting feature is the lorica, a vase-shaped structure surrounding the paired ciliates.

They are very motion-sensitive, and gentle taps to the stage sent them retracting with lightning speed into the lorica:

I originally thought that these were green Stentors with symbiotic algae, but this did not explain the vase-shaped surrounding structure. Consulting Edmondson’s “Fresh Water Biology” suggested several similar species:
They may be Platycola:
or possibly Cothurnia:

Think they are loricated, sessile members of the Peritrichia within the Ciliophora. Very little on the web about this group.

Dugan Lake

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